About Us

Who we are

Established in 2009, NUGRESS GK, Japan was influenced by the emerging paradigm in technology and its innovations. The present dynamic economy of the World demands a new way of thinking and hence new ways of doing business.

Technologies abound and its awareness is high but, still limited as the human race is yet to annex the potential it can deliver. Communication, where effective, will bring about 'world spread' awareness of how technology can be used to achieve better result(s). Task would be accomplished by more than one technology, in most cases. Interactions would have to take place between technology and users. The latter would only desire the ‘result’ and not the ‘how’ in most cases. NUGRESS becomes the bridge.

NUGRESS uses technology to bring about better living and services to people and businesses.  

Our Vision

“To be recognized as a convenient and trusted source, vendor and partner towards your building a healthy and profitable business”

Our Mission

»To help our Clients fulfill their needs for technology solutions

»To be among the first that help make a difference in people’s life and businesses with technology

»To use technology to bring about effective services and productive business

»To be an advocate of green technology

»To deliver reliable service(s) always

»To put Customer first

Our Motto

"Working to earn your trust"