JapanNotePC Warranty Policy

â–  About the warranty period

Product classification

Our store security


6 months

Desktop PC

6 months


3 months


1 month


2 weeks


2 weeks

Products other than the above

2 weeks

※ warranty for new products and warranty card is for each manufacturer. (1 year warranty period) 
※ Since the shop individually manages the information of products purchased by customers, "warranty" is not issued individually

※ Battery is not covered by warranty

※ If the machine or parts have been remodeled or remodeled, 
all the expenses required for repair, replacement, etc., even within the warranty period, for defects and failures caused by the software installed by the customer or computer virus It will be charged.

â–  About returned goods, exchange

  • Return by initial failure, shipping fee for replacement is our burden.
  • In the case of returned goods by customer convenience, you will bear the cost of shipping fee, cash on delivery fee, shipping fee of returned goods, etc.
  • We do not accept returns for which 3 days have passed since the product arrival.

About characteristics of second-hand goods

Used products have the following characteristics due to their characteristics. Please understand in advance.

  1. Rubbing, scratches, dirt on the case or LCD without any problem in the operation
  2. Rubbing and tearing of the key top
  3. Missing rubber seal, PC (CF) card slot cover, cosmetic seal to hide screw holes
  4. Battery deterioration
  5. Memory, hard disk, and devices such as ultra bay drive may have been changed from the specs at the time of sale
  6. Manuals such as instruction manuals are not included
  7. Fixing screws for replaceable built-in drives (each device in Ultra bay etc.) are not included 
    (The fixing screws are provided with some models to prevent theft of the drive. In the initial state, the screw holes are open. Has become)
  8. The DVD drive built-in or attached to the product may not support the dual-layer type DVD media 
    (depends on the specifications at the time of sale)

※ Products sold are "Specifications (including accessories) listed on our website".

Return Policy

【Cancellation immediately after ordering, wrong order】

  • If you wish to cancel immediately after ordering, or if you made a wrong order, please contact our shop as soon as possible. We will check the status of your order and cancel the shipment.
  • In this case, please be aware that the customer will be charged the fee to be paid to the financial institution for the refund.
  • We can not accept cancellations or returns for delivered products. Please note!

[Return or exchange due to product failure or failure]

  • If the product is returned or replaced due to a defect or malfunction, please contact us within the warranty period. * Excludes items/junk items.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges for products for which the warranty period has ended.

[About returned goods or replacement for your convenience]

  • We can not accept the customer's return or exchange of products after delivery to customers.